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How’s blog !!

How do you pass your Time !!

Whenever you are free and Time isn’t passing Out, Huh we have a Mobile now !! so time goes Onn with facebook and Watsapp, but being in social media for too long as you all know,

But now, give it some time for a new version of life in books, Read a book anywhere and everywhere, so its important to carry urself indulge in reading something good to boost your energy levels,  if I say its the best way to forget your stress in office and out in anything you do work in your daily routine.

So a book gives you the peace you actually need in your daily life, being a writer its nice to attract the world of imagination in every human we have the love and lust romance and anger is all inbuilt so we have a change of mood swings in every day and day out,

how does a book treat you >>>>>

Treat a book like a normal way of life because you are treating a book like a normal routine in your world of business and money-making ideas and also give your brain some dish out of the bowl you eat, cant be eating the same food you are bored, so add some spices to your life with loving the book and live in the imagination of the writer while reading a book

The book gives you the bliss of romance in the air, it gives you life in everything you start loving the story the characters the names of them, then the situations one had faced in the getting it cleared and dusting the worldly habits of people talking behind ones back about kinds of stuff one had to deal with in the life God has given

Karma plays a vital role in the things you do as the day passes it follows you to the bushes of no man’s world


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